Jared Wilson-Aggarwal

I am a research assistant working alongside Martin Stevens, Claire Spottiswoode and Jolyon Troscianko. My work involves assisting in the collection and analysis of data for investigations into avian egg camouflage and predator vision.

I graduated from Exeter in 2012 with a BSc in Zoology. My interests are broad, spanning across the subjects of behavioural ecology, sexual selection and conservation. I also have a particular passion for herpetology and would one day like to integrate this with future research.

For my undergraduate research project I investigated theories behind the evolution of deception. Deceptive signalling has seen much theoretical attention, and yet our understanding of its mechanisms in communication systems is limited. This is partly because it is not always practical to study deceptive signals in the wild. I designed a flexible method, using human foragers, to generate data on the key predictions of deceptive signalling.