Dr Martin Stevens

My work covers sensory ecology and evolution, especially vision and adaptive coloration.

The research conducted in my group and with our collaborators covers a broad range of areas, including animal (especially bird) vision, anti-predator coloration (especially camouflage, warning signals, and eyespots), brood parasitism, signalling and communication, and animal coloration in general. We work on a wide range of taxonomic groups, including birds, reptiles, crabs, insects, primates, and even humans. Our work combines empirical and theoretical work in the lab and field, both in the UK and abroad (Africa, mainland Europe, SE Asia). It is highly interdisciplinary, incorporating theories and methods from several areas of biology, experimental psychology, and computer science.

Animal camouflage has always been one of my main interests and a key areas of my research. I have been studying it for the last decade in a range of systems and species.