Like plovers, coursers belong to the wader family; however, they differ in that they inhabit deserts and dry woodlands. They are cautious birds, running away from their nest site when predators come within 50-70 m.

Their eggs are of most interest, although in some species the chicks also display some interesting camouflage. For example, chicks of the bronze-winged courser, which specialises on breeding in burnt areas, look remarkably like tufts of burnt grass. However, it can be hard to get photographs of these potential masqueraders, as shortly after hatching they run away from the nest site, escorted by their parents.

Species of study:
Temminck's courser (Cursorius temminckii)
Three-banded courser (Rhinoptilus cinctus)
Bronze-winged courser (Rhinoptilus chalcopterus)